Our Wealth Management Process

One of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs as wealth managers is taking clients through our LEARN wealth management process. This process allows us to operate with our clients on a personal level that transcends the parameters of a traditional client/financial advisor relationship. The culmination of the LEARN process helps in the achievement of our clients' retirement, estate, and tax planning goals. The STUDY wealth management process is defined as:
The first step of the LEARN process is to simply listen to you. This allows our clients and their families to communicate their financial goals and investment objectives. In doing so, we are able to collect the data necessary to create their Envision® Plan.
The second step of the process is the point at which the client's Envision plan is discussed, changes are made, and questions are answered. The formalized Envision plan then serves as the blueprint moving forward off of which educated advice is given and decisions can be made.
Next, our team will advise on the specific investment recommendations needed to bring about the results set forth in the client's Envision plan. During this step, the accounts needed to begin the implementation of our recommendations are opened.
We review the Envision plan and the investments needed to bring about its results. As the client's needs change and evolve over time, the plan has to as well.
Whether our team is evaluating your plan or adjusting it, we never stop working on behalf of your wealth. This is conveyed in our ongoing service matrix, and it often leads to more in-depth discussions relative to estate, tax, and long-term care planning goals.
Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network is not a legal or tax advisor.